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Braggin" Rights Sale, Mechanicsburg 3PM

Welcome to the Inaugural Braggin' Rights Sale. The sale will be held at Thornridge, just south of Mechanicsburg, IL. Animals will be on display starting at 12 noon and the sale will start at 3:00pm. We are very excited about the animals that we are going to be offering to the public. The offering will be a select group of 25-30 show wether and doe prospects. Guest consignments will be from Windy Hill Farm and Bruno Farms.

The Braggin' Rights Sale will be conducted as a private treaty sale. All animals will have a base price and animals that receive multiple bids will be bid off until only one bidder remains. We will have people available to bid on your behalf if you are unable to attend and phone bids will also be accepted.

All animals sold through the Braggin' Rights Sale will be eligible to compete for prize money and banners in the Braggin' Rights Showback, held in conjunction with the Decatur-Macon County Fair held June 10 and 11, 2008.

Due to poor weather conditions during the month of February, we have not been able to take pictures of the sale offering. We will be posting pictures as soon as they are available, so please be patient and keep checking back.

Feel free to contact Mike at (217) 741-5688 or Drew at (217) 741-5388 for more information or to answer any questions. Hotels are available in Springfield, IL and we would be happy to assist you in arranging your stay in the Springfield area. We look forward to seeing you on the 29th!

Please email us to be added to our mailing list for the sale.

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