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Meat Goat Genetics Seminar - Kankakee

A meat goat seminar. Dr. Richard Browning, Tennessee State University will talk extensively on different goat breeds and their genetic traits. Accompanying him will be his spouse, Maria Leite-Browning, DVM, who will discuss goat diseases and parasites and how to control them with minimal costs to the producer.

Participants will receive a two-hour FAMANCHA training/demonstration session by Dr. Andrew Miller and Jennifer Miller, DVM, a meat goat producer and president of the Illinois Meat Goat Producers.

Specific topics include:

- Breed evaluation for economically important meat goat production traits

- Meat goat evaluation for various characteristics

- Hardiness and reproductive/maternal traits amoung straightbred Boer, Kiko and Spanish Does that are raising straightbred and F1 kids

- Common diseases of goats and their control

- Using FAMACHA technique to assess parasite problems

Pre-registration fee of $25 (includes lunch) for the program is required by Thursday November 1 to allow organizers enough time for adequate preperation for the event. For those interested in participating in the FAMANCHA training, an additional fee of $15.oo per farm will be required. Please call Kankakee County Extension Office at 815-933-8337 for more information. The seminar will be held at Kankakee Community College, 100 College Drive, Kankakee, Il 60901.

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