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Sheep Pasture Walk, Arrowsmith

A pasture walk is scheduled for Saturday, August 29th at the Arrowsmith farm of Elton and Spring Mau.

In their pasture based operation, the Mau's have 300 head of ewes and lambs; 16 acres of Pearl Millet for summer grazing, 15 acres oats, cereal rye & Pasja turnips planted into oat stubble for fall/winter grazing, 7.5 acres of permanent grass pastures and 10 acres of Max-Q fescue for winter grazing along with the 30 acres of corn stubble after the corn is harvested. In the summer time there are 3 additional farms that equal about 14 acres that Elton walks his sheep to to graze.

The program starts at 11:30 AM, BBQ whole cow hamburger, lamb burger, & goat burger at noon (must be there at 11:30 for lunch), pasture walk from 12:45 to about 2:30.


The Elton Mau farm is located at 31086 E 1300 N Road in Arrowsmith, IL. People traveling from the Bloomington area can take Route 9 East for 6.5 miles from Eastland Mall, to Road 2300 E and turn South or right for 1 mile to the intersection of 1300 N Rd. Turn East or left on 1300 N Rd. and the Mau farm is 8.25 mile East on the North side of the road. These are new directions because Rt. 9 is closed for construction as of Aug. 3rd.

Producers coming from the east on I-74 should exit at LeRoy and go north on Rt. 150. At the 4 way stop turn left or west and follow 150 for about a ½ mile until you get to Casey's on the north side of the road. Turn north, this is 2600 E Rd., and drive 8 miles to 1300 N Rd. Turn right or east onto 1300 N and go 5.25 miles to the Mau farm on the north side of the road.

Interested people Can contact Richard Cobb at 217-333-7351 or Elton Mau at 309-825-5435 (cell) for more information.

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