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Meat Goat Pasture Walk, Rush Creek farm, Sidney 5:30 PM

Rush Creek Farms produces forage-raised meat goats and pasture-based

chickens on 10 acres near Sidney, IL. Andrew and Jennifer Miller have

developed an intensive rotational pasture management system for

utilizing a variety of perennial warm- and cool-season forages including

big bluestem, switchgrass, eastern gamma grass, birdsfoot trefoil,

forage chickory, orchardgrass, bromegrass, and red, white and ladino

clover. This year they also planted pearl millet to assist in summer

grazing. Some of the pastures are currently being stockpiled for late

fall and winter grazing.

The program will be a walk about with the Millers and Dean Oswald, Forage Extension Specialist :discussing the various forages and pasture set up. In addition, a discussion on condition scoring of goats will be lead by Richard Cobb, Extension Sheep and Meat Goat Specialist, U of I.

Directions: Go south on Rt. 130 out of Urbana for about 5 miles until you come to 1100N. Unfortunately, there are not really any great markers that tell you when you are approaching 1100N except for a blue Tourism sign on the right (west) side of the road. The next road is the Sidney slab, which means you went too far south. Turn left (east) on 1100N and go 4 miles until you have to make two sharp 90 degree curves around a white house with large grain bins. This is our house. The driveway is after you curve around the house

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