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Deadline for Howard Wyman Sheep Industry Leadership School

Feb. 17, 2009


Contact: Ron Cole, Leadership School Coordinator (970) 339-9044

Apply Now for 2009 Howard Wyman Sheep Industry

Leadership School in Colorado

The annual Howard Wyman Sheep Industry Leadership School, sponsored

by the National Lamb Feeders Association will be held in Greeley, CO, June 28 to

July 1, 2009. Applications for the 2009 school must be submitted by May 1, 2009.

The 2009 Leadership School program will be under the direction of Ron

Cole, formerly with USDA's Livestock and Grain Market News and now an

industry consultant. "The 2009 program will focus on the sheep feeding industry

in Colorado, which is the most concentrated lamb feeding area in the United

States," said Cole. "Tour sites will include several lamb feedlot management

systems, slaughter and processing facilities, an ethanol production plant with corn

by-products utilized in the sheep industry, plus the Colorado State University

livestock facilities."

The Leadership School program would benefit anyone involved with a

sheep-related business, whether as a producer, feeder, or a processor of sheep

products. The primary objective is to give participants an in-depth look at how

1270 Chemeketa St. NE, Salem, OR 97301-4145 • 503–364-5462 • Fax: 503–585-1921 •

the industry functions and a better understanding of what kind of opportunities

exist for improving their own operation and moving it forward into the future.

Speakers for 2009 will include industry leaders and resource personnel

from direct marketing to international marketing of both lamb and wool. In

addition, each participant will have the opportunity to work through a computer

generated risk management plan on an individual and group basis.

Interested sheep men and women with any level of experience may apply

by completing a brief application and submitting a short essay explaining their

background in the sheep industry and what they would like to learn. The selection

committee will review the essays and select a class of 25 participants, ages 20 or

older to attend. Special attention is given to those individuals with long-range

plans for remaining in the sheep industry.

Applications must be received by May 1, 2009 and no fee is required until

after the applicant is selected

to submit a $200 registration fee to secure their placement. NLFA covers the other

program costs, including food, lodging and tour-related expenses. Participants are

responsible for their own travel to and from Greeley, Colorado.

To request an application, contact the NLFA office (503) 364-5462 or

or visit the web site:

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