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I am currently boarding my Miniature horses and ponies out in a facility where I have a private pasture as I have a stud in there with my mares. The owner of the farm's son currently has a long haired ram that is 3 years old and is not mean. He is pastured out with full sized horses, but has recently been accused of chewing the tails of some of the horses leaving a tail of about 3 feet long. Have you ever heard of this behavior? They had a ewe in the pasture with him, but several months ago, she died and he only has horses around. Over the winter, he was in the pasture with my Minis and didn't bother their tails. The owner's son told him that he was going to have to sell him because of the tail chewing and the son is very upset because it is his last sheep. I thought about offering for him to let him stay in my pasture, but I am concerned about any future foals I might have and their safety. I also wondered if they got another ewe if that would keep him from chewing. Can you give us some ideas? Thank you, Sharon.


Your ram may be bored or may be searching for some long stemmed hay to chew on. IS there a mineral source avialbe for him? I don't think he would be a problem for your new foals. It may help to get a ewe, but I think the problem will go away when he gets longer grass to eat. Good Luck, AR Cobb, Extension Sheep Specialist

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