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illinois Sheep and Goat Evening Seminar - Macomb

illinois Sheep and Goat Evening Seminar April 15th, 3022 W. Jackson, Macomb IL

7:00-9:00 P.M.

Topics for the April 15th seminar will highlight Health and Marketing Ideas for Sheep & Goat producers.

Health issues continue to rob profits from sheep and goat operations. Prevention of health problems is the key to profitable production. Advance planning and management is critical for producers to avoid costs associated with disease and health concerns. Discussion will center on the development of a practical year-round health management calendar for your flock or herd. Dean Oswald - Animal Systems Educator – University of Illinois Extension will lead the discussion on health management.

Markets may also determine profit or loss in an operation. Traditional market sources may limit producer income. Nontraditional markets are growing and may add value to the operation. Input on ethnic markets and their impact on the meat industry will be given by Richard Cobb Extension Sheep and Meat Goat Specialist - University of Illinois Urbana.

Additional time is scheduled for other questions and discussion on other sheep/goat related topics.

Registration fee is $7.00 per person or $10 per Family or Farm due April 8th. Checks payable to: University of Illinois Extension should be mailed to: McDonough Extension Unit, 3022 W. Jackson, Macomb IL 61455. For Registration or more information contact Lisa Fulkerson lfulkers@illinois.edu or call 309-837-3939.

DOWNLOAD PAPER - McDonough Sheep and Goat April 15.pdf

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