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Sheep and Goat - Forage/Pasture Renovation Seminar - Princeton

Sheep and Goat - Forage / Pasture Evening Seminar

March 30th, Bureau County Extension Unit, Princeton IL

7:00-9:00 P.M.

Topics for the March 30th seminar will include: Getting the Most from your Pasture and Forages; Pasture Fertility and Renovation; and Fencing to Control Sheep and Goats & Reduce Predation.

Feed accounts for more than 60% of the cost of raising sheep and goats. "Getting the Most from your Pastures and Forages" will take a look at ways to extend the grazing season and management tools to increase the quality, quantity, and utilization of forages produced on the farm. By increasing the grazing days we can reduce purchased and stored feed costs.

"Pasture Fertility & Renovation" will discuss fertility levels required to add legumes and other means of improving forage stands, quality and productivity helping to improve the yields of cool season grasses.

Fencing to Control Sheep and Goats & Reduce Predation will examine fencing systems and focus on electric fencing to maintain animal control, improve grazing management and reduce predator losses

Speakers for the evening include Dean Oswald –Animal Systems Educator- University of Illinois Extension and Dale Baird – Crop Systems Educator- University of Illinois Extension.

Registration fee is $7.00 per person or $10 per Family or Farm due March 26th. Checks payable to: University of Illinois Extension should be mailed to: Bureau Co. Extension Unit, Becker Professional Suites, 850 Thompson St, Princeton IL 61356. For Registration or more information contact Sherry Hockings – Educational Program Coordinator by calling: 815-875-2878.

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