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Third Annual Midwest Buck Performance Test Delivery day

Third Annual Midwest Buck Performance Test

The American Meat Goat Association (AMGA) and Western Illinois University (WIU) have announced dates for the 2009 Midwest Buck Performance Test to be held at the WIU Agricultural Research facilities in Macomb, IL. Bucks must be delivered to the test station on Saturday, July 18, 2009. After a six day adjustment period, the 84 day confinement test officially begins. The test concludes October 16, 2009. Test candidates must be born between February 20 and April 20, 2009.

Beginning in 2009, test oversight will be provided by a Test Advisory Committee for the American Meat Goat Association. The Advisory Committee comprises representatives of state meat goat associations in the upper Midwest with an objective to establish standardized protocols for confinement performance tests. Current committee participants include Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

The 2009 test will evaluate and compare test bucks in a common environment for average daily gain (ADG), feed efficiency (FE), scrotal circumference, and ribeye area (REA). In addition, the test will add parasite load evaluation (via fecal egg count and FAMACHA scoring) and a trial effort to objectively measure hoof growth..

The WIU test facility is equipped with a FIRE (Feed Intake Recording Equipment) system that allows continuous recording of individual buck feed intake. This system allows feed efficiency to be determined for each buck.

For more information, e-mail at or call Paul Miller 217-322-4687 or Jennifer Miller 217-688-2043.

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