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Illinois Livestock Trail

What is PoultryNet?

The goals of PoultryNet are to provide the Poultry Industry of Illinois with information in a timely manner to facilitate decision making and to form closer ties between the Illinois Poultry Industry and the University of Illinois.

What is PoultryNet?

PoultryNet is a web page developed by the Animal Systems Team in cooperation with the Department of Animal Sciences and University of Illinois Extension. The purpose of the poultry web page is to provide various poultry related topics for poultry producers. Public and private databases are listed and can be added to provide a "one stop" information resource. The left side of page lists several categories grouping resources (research and extension) and programs:

  • Current topics: Latest topics and releases of interest
  • Papers: Collection of published articles which are archived after a period of time
  • Calendar: Listing of local, regional, and national poultry meetings and programs
  • Ask An Expert: Questions can be asked and will be answered by Illinois poultry educators and specialists
  • Resources: Other web pages (both public and private) can be accessed
  • Search: The user can type in key words which are searched in the databases listed above
  • On the right side of the web page are special interest topics which will be added and removed as needed for quick reference or unique areas?

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