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Hi - we are just starting a hobby flock of chickens. We have old english bantams, jungle fowl, & guineas. We are getting ready to build a new chicken house and I need to know who can be housed together. We hatched out 11 bantys (4 hens and 7 roosters) and 6 jungle fowl (4 hens and 2 roosters) in February. They are currently housed together. In the other house we have 11 guineas, 2 banty hens, 1 banty rooster and 1 jungle fowl rooster. Let me say these guys are pretty well pets so we probably won't be butchering. The question is this...I know we are going to end up with more roosters than we need for the number of hens...even with trading and, do we house all the roosters of all types together in one area, and all the hens of all types in the other? Or should we partition the house and the runs so that we have all bantys together, all jungle fowl together, etc? Or do we just make sure we have plenty of square footage and let them all live together with plenty of separate roosts, nests, feeding stations, etc? Sorry for the length of my note. Hope you can help soon! Thanks so much! Nancy


Judging by the information you provided, I would suggest that you keep Bantams separate from others.

Ken Koelkebeck Extension Specialist, Poultry

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