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Hello. I have a couple of questions. I have two different flocks of chickens. I have a chicken that was hurt from one of the flocks. Its been away from that flock about a month. Now every time the rosters from either flock sees him they attack him. How do I introduce him back to his original flock or into the other flock? Also, a hen out of one flock started to lay today. She is around 16 Weeks old. She is a Ancona. When do the normally start to lay regular? I am new to raising chickens, so any help is appreciated.


First to your second question. Laying hens start to lay at about 16 to 18 weeks of age. At about 25 to 30 weeks of age they will be laying regularly (90%) or better. So, it will be some weeks before the one you asked about and the others before they start to lay good. To your first question. That is a difficult process. You might try to introduce him gradually back to either one of the flocks (a few hours at a time). If the other roosters attack him and I assume they would they might not kill him but after an initial fighting bout they should become used to him and leave him alone. If they don't I guess you will have to live with whatever happens. There is no really good way to introduce him back, but to do it on a gradual basis.

Ken Koelkebeck Extension Specialist, Poultry

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