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Weed Free Forage Press Release.pdf
Certified Weed Free Forage and Mulch
by Illinois Crop Improvement Association

Illinois Crop Improvement Association (ICIA) is now authorized through the North American Weed Management Association (NAWMA) to offer a program for Certified Weed Free Forage and Mulch. There is a growing demand in North America for the use of Certified Weed Free Forage and Mulch as a preventive program in Integrated Weed Management systems to limit the spread of noxious weeds. NAWMA took oversight of this program in the late 1990’s as a way to set minimum standards that would be recognized internationally to facilitate ease of transport for forage, hay and mulch products.

Illinois Crop Improvement became authorized to administer the program for materials grown in the State of Illinois after completing all of the requirements as outlined by NAWMA. This program certifies that forage and mulch producers have observed minimum standards through independent third party inspections to ensure materials were harvested in the absence of noxious weeds.

Illinois forage and mulch producers now have a valuable tool when marketing their forage and mulch products. An increasing number of State Departments of Transportation require the use of Certified Weed Free Mulch as cover for newly seeded areas. Certified Weed Free Mulch can also be used for covering newly seeded high erosion areas, critical seeded areas or other reclamation projects. Many Forest Services, Bureaus of Land Management and other Government Agencies now require Certified Weed Free Hay for feeding livestock on public grounds. Certified Weed Free Forage and Mulch can help protect natural resources and natural wildlife habitats and preserve the aesthetic value of natural scenery by helping prevent introduction and spread of noxious weeds through movement of forage and mulch products.

The services of ICIA have supported the agri-food industry since 1922. ICIA’s broad range of expertise includes auditing and consulting, identity preservation, seed certification, field services, GMO detection, grain analysis, winter farm services, seed quality testing, trait testing and customized programs. ICIA now offers the Certified Weed Free Forage and Mulch Program to give producers an opportunity to move forage and mulch products freely in restricted areas intrastate, interstate and internationally whenever forage or mulch is needed for livestock, wildlife or vegetation projects.

For complete information on the Certified Weed Free Forage and Mulch Program please see NAWMA’s website at and for information on certification in Illinois please contact Ryan Johnson (217)359-4053; at Illinois Crop Improvement Association. You can also visit the Illinois Crop Improvement website at and find this program listed under “Other Programs”.

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