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Madison and Clinton County Pasture Walk

On Thursday August 25 grazing enthusiasts have the opportunity to attend two pasture walks in Madison and Clinton Counties. The first pasture walk will begin at 4:00 pm at Zane Schneider’s Farm located at 11950 Rose Rd, Trenton, IL. Producers attending will have the opportunity to observe a winter feeding station, novel-endophyte tall fescue pasture and hay, as well as turnip and small grain winter pastures. Zane Schneider will lead a walking tour of his commercial cow-calf operation while discussing past and future pasture management strategies. Justin Sexten, University of Illinois Extension Beef Specialist and Ed Ballard, Retired Animal Systems Educator from the University of Illinois will serve as subject matter resources for both pasture walks.

Starting at 6:00 pm Thursday, August 25 a second pasture walk will be held on the Elmer and Terry Becherer Farm located at 2116 Rocky Ford Road, Trenton, IL. The Becherer Farm is part of a C-FAR sponsored project entitled IL-LIFT where forage growth and quality are evaluated monthly and grazing system economics are determined. Elmer and Terry Becherer will guide walking tour of their commercial sheep farm that lambs five times each year. The operation features a year around grazing program based on cool season grasses including orchardgrass and novel-endophyte tall fescue, summer annuals such as pearl millet and winter annuals including turnips, annual ryegrass and small grains. Those attending the pasture walk will have an opportunity to see how forage was managed during the dry summer and how the Becherers’ plan to continue grazing through the winter.

For more information regarding either pasture walk or if you need a disability accommodation to participate in this program, contact the Madison County Office at (618) 650-7050 or the Clinton County Office at (618) 526-4551.

Directions to Zane Schneider’s Farm from the Intersection of Route 50 and Route 160 in Trenton go north on Route 160 for 5.5 miles to Rose Road. Go west 1 mile on Rose Road.

Directions to Becherer Farm, from the Intersection of Route 50 and Route 160 in Trenton, go south on Route 160 for .8 miles, turn left at first road east and go east to curve and then go south to first road back east and go to first farmstead on right hand side of road.

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