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We enjoy competing in 25 mile endurance rides. Our lastest herd addition is a 13 year old Arab mare that was given to us. After conditioning her spring and summer she did very well at her one and only endurance ride this fall. I can't say I remember any stocking up until we stalled her in a 16 X 16 foot stall this winter over night due to wet/cold/windy weather. She stands in the stall rather quietly as her three buddies are in the same barn. My question is should we be applying support bandages when she is stalled? What method or type would be best? We are proficient at wrapping polo bandages for polo ponies but haven't dealt with leg wraps otherwise. Any tips for reducing this fluid collection (coronet band up through the cannon bone) especially in the hind legs during endurance weekends when she will be picketed? Sorry, no chance of the use of a small pen. Thanks for any ideas. V.B.


That kind of filling, uniform edema in all four legs is simply physiological stasis do to reduced movement of the horse. If the edema dissappears with hand walking or a few minutes of longing I wouldn`t do anything. Horses stalled after long turn out require some time to adapt. Many will "stock up" for up to two weeks Some never cease to fill at least in the fetlock area. So long as the filling goes away with exercise, don`t bandage them.

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