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Using electronic animal identification devices (EID)
by Justin Sexten, Extension Specialist, Animal Systems / Beef

When using EID there are several guidelines to follow when tagging animals. The first is the EIDs should always be placed in the animal’s left ear. This is the proposed location for National Animal Identification System (NAIS) EID tag application so making this standard procedure will prevent having to retag animals later and allows animals to flow through a system set up for left hand tags without being “mis-read”.

The next guideline to consider is tag orientation and placement. The tag’s tamperproof (female) tag portion should be on the inside of the ear, while the male portion of the tag should be on the outside to minimize the likelihood of snagging the larger female part of the tag. In addition the tag should be placed within the inner 1/3 of the middle rib of the ear. Place the tag as far in the ear as possible and make sure to avoid tagging the ribs of the ear while keeping the tag centered. Applying the tag in this location prevents interference with breed or herd tattoos. The ear is thicker in this part also minimizing the space for snagging to occur.

Another note when applying EID tags in cold weather it is advisable to keep the tags warm so the tag will completely seat when compressed. Cold tags may feel seated however the first warm weather will expand the tags and may cause separation.

Refer to the attached file to view pictures of correct and incorrect tag placements.

Justin Sexten, 618-242-9310,
Date: 8/29/2006

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